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covers entire Recruitment Management Solution

High Efficiency, High Speed and Low Cost

AI Facilitation, Cover Comprehensive Data, Talent Bank with linkage to Big Data for Your Usage.

Establish a talent requirement plan in line with the organizational goals and expansion coverage. Enlarge the supply channels of talent sources, realizing and sharing of internal and external talents and creating a categorized, personalized and multi-dimensional talent pool
Recruitment process can be personalized and automated
A genuine interactive experience of the Recruitment Process in an all-round manner
Recruitment is done at the touch of a button
Simplify application management

Index your resumes, chase applicants, search for profiles Consolidated questionnaires Integration of internal and external systems to create comprehensive human resources management

Chase all applications at initial invitation stage from various sources and channels built within GoRecruit. Enhancing the transparency of management to all levels by establishing a monitoring system of recruitment within the organization structure.

Intensive care of the experience for applying a job and provides more intimate services for the candidates and the recruitment department.

Automate process flow, constructively build an efficient recruitment process system, improve work efficiency Introducing Advanced Talent Evaluation Technique to facilitate enterprises in filtering talents

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